What We Do

For women looking to advance in technology and digital careers, Circle is a London-based community running events with top role models in the industry. Our aim is to offer quality content where you walk away feeling confident and inspired having made meaningful connections. 


What do we want for you? To trust your own path and choices in your life and career. There’s no doubt that the world of work is changing, and we know we need to be the change we wish to see. And we’re entirely inclusive. If you’re reading this, you’re welcome to join us. We hope to meet you at one of our events very soon!

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Who We Are

Lora Schellenberg


Lora is the B2B Marketing Manager at Altius, a rapidly-growing business intelligence and data science consultancy. Previously, she spent 3 1/2 years as Marketing Manager at General Assembly, playing an integral role in growing London's campus into a world-class European headquarters.


She’s passionate about helping women gain confidence and find fulfilling careers. In her free time you can find her on a bike, on a yoga mat, or plotting her next meal.

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Sam Hepburn


Sam's mission is for less people to fall into the careers and rather actively choose what they want their future to look like based on sharing knowledge and understanding the different types of roles in the technical space. To try achieve this mission she works with a variety of communities within London, helping organise and host events and presentations with a focus on developing talent and mentoring for everyone from students to CTOs. When she's not doing that she is working with companies to developer their employer brand and individuals to educate them on how to own their own careers! She occasionally sleeps

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