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Privacy Policy

All attendees, by completing a ticket purchase or having a ticket purchased by a third party on their behalf, agree that they will help to encourage a safe and respectful atmosphere at a Circle Community events and be bound by the Circle Community Code of Conduct. Participants must refrain from engaging in illegal activities of any kind, and understand that they are solely responsible for their actions during Circle Community events.


Participant data is collected by the organiser when the participant, or authorised agent of a company purchasing the ticket on behalf of the participant, complete the purchase of a ticket for a Circle Community event. This data is stored securely by the organiser of Circle Community and is used to send updates about Circle Community events to the participant and purchaser of tickets via email. Emails providing general updates to participants about Circle Community include links allowing participants to change their mailing preferences and unsubscribe from future update communications.


Participants further understand that photos and movies may be taken during Circle Community events which may include them. These photos and videos may be used on the Circle Community website and other related websites, social media, streaming websites and related publications. Participants agree that their image and voice may be included on such videos, movies and recordings.

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